Wine of the Week: 1955 Millesimal Prosecco

From the Veneto of northern Italy comes a dry, yet fruity delight of a sparkling wine that can only be described in one word-culpable. Bervini 1955 Millesimato Prosecco DOC 2016 has that dry yet fruity flavor that has you wanting to drink more. The color alone is seductive, a clear pear-like color with hints of a pink blush. The flavor is like biting into a fresh pear or ripe apple. Its soft, smooth and effervescent with a hint of sweet watermelon on the finish. You'll want to put a glass of this elegant sparkler in your guest's hands as soon as they walk in the door to your holiday party to eat along with appetizers of semi-soft cheeses, cured meats and asparagus spears wrapped with prosciutto. The celebration continues right through the buffet with things like herb roasted chicken, crab and shrimp stuffed salmon or Rosemary lamb chops or pork loin rounding out the feast. Save some to sip along with dessert. Lemon pound cake, apple tart or lemon meringue pie come to mind as the perfect companions. At just under $14.00 a bottle, there's no reason not to have a case or two on hand to guide you through to the New Year.