Wine of the Week – Bodegas Prado Rey Crianza 2014-$12

One of the current best values in Spanish red wines is the fabulous 2014 Crianza from Bodegas Prado Rey. The wine is from the Rubero del Duero region, famed for its prized red wines. Prado Rey Crianza is rich with ripe red fruit flavors; pomegranate, ripe red and black cherries, plums and a hint of wild raspberry. Thank the combination of native tint fina, (95%), merlot (3%) and cabernet (2%) although its about 15% alcohol, it goes down very easy with an almost velvety texture, yet, there's plenty of mineral backbone and acidity to make this a perfect accompaniment to grilled meats, hearty roasts, especially game meat and rustic cuts like short ribs or oxtails. Hearty stews make this a perfect companion on a crisp autumn evening. Ripe cheese, or cheeses flavored with spicy peppers and spicy cured meats are another treat made to order for this wine for just casual snacking or before dinner starters to get the appetite juices flowing. This terrific Spanish red compares favorably to any double the price. A real bargain combined with rich flavor makes this a versatile wine to be enjoyed all season long. Remember to drink responsibly.