Black Cop

Director Cory Bowles of Canada presents the searing World Cinema competition entry Black Cop which has its next screenings Saturday, October 21 at 12:30pm and Monday, October 23 at 2pm, all at the AMC River East 21, 322 E. Illnois St., Chicago. Visit for ttickets and information. Black Cop is a dark satire on what it means to be a black cop in modern society. Although shot in Nova Scotia, the film could have occurred anywhere; Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson, you get the idea. Only in director Bowles deft hands, the topic takes a darker and more sinister approach, 'what if a black policeman, completely conscious and aware of the burdens placed upon him by both the community and society is pushed over the edge to the point where his sense of duty not only endangers the lives of his own people, but society at large? We see him take a Charles Bronson, vigilante stance against every type of situation, no matter how big or small. It is the 'broken windows' policy of law enforcement taken to the absurd. A young black female rookie cop even asks incredulously "do you actually believe the shit you're saying ?!?" Even the simplest and most seemingly innocuous interaction between a complainant in the black community ends up with dire consequences for everywhere. A black resident who complains that his bike was stolen from in front of his house results in the brutalizing of a white student on a college campus who owns a similar bike, which is then 'returned' to the black complainant in completely unusable condition, showing the cops cynical disregard. The script is flipped to some degree in Black Cop, but to whose advantage? In the end, a rogue cop with a twisted self concept of duty and sense of entitlement bears none any good will.