Wine of the Week: Murrieta’s Well Dry Rose 2016

Step into 2018 with a new wine attitude! Try a brilliantly elegant Dry Rose from Murrieta's Well from California's Livermore Valley. Priced at $30, the 2016 vintage offers a rose as complex and flavorful as any of the wines you are currently enjoying. Rose wine doesn't seem to attract too much attention in this country, although they are wildly popular in Europe and are drunk at all times of day and with a variety of foods. Rose match well with just about anything and they are light and refreshing wines guaranteed to satisfy even the most finicky wine drinker. Perhaps the wines got a bad name back in the '70s when there were a whole raft of poorly made wines produced and sold at rock bottom prices with names like 'eye of the swan' and 'eye of the partridge.' Fortunately, that fad came and went with a whimper and, in its wake, a new breed of blush wines has come to the market with a fresh look and taste.

There's no mistaking the quality of Murrieta's Well Dry Rose. The color alone announces its superiority. A bright pink and copper color heralds this medium bodied wine rich in dazzling citrus aromas and flavors of pink grapefruit and a pronounced raspberry finish. You feel as if you've eaten a bowl of ripe fruit, although you've yet to have had anything with it. A unique blend of Granache and Counoise grapes from the Livermore Valley east of San Francisco Bay and the Central Coast gives it its distinctive character. Perfect for a casual lunch or light dinner or just as an aperitif to relax beforehand with some cheese, a good crusty bread or savory cracker and some dried apricots or assorted berries, this is the one to relax with and enjoy in the New Year.