Wine of the Week: Bervini 1955 Rose Extra Dry 2017 - $18.99

Bervini 1955 Rose Extra Dry 2017 ($18.99) is one of the best tasting and

most complex and elegant sparkling Rose wines you could imaging. At just

under $20, it delivers a taste and level of complexity of sparkling wines

you would associate with a much higher price. Flavors of crushed, ripe

strawberries, tangy lemon and crisp green apple are the first things to

greet the taste buds after eyeing its appealing tea-rose pink color.

The wine is the pride and joy of the Bergamo family, who have created some

lovely sparkling wines in the heart of Prosecco country in the northern

most part of northeastern Italy's Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The wine is made

from a blend of Glera grapes, the traditional varietal used in Prosecco (it

was once called the Prosecco grape, but Glera is the original name), in

combination with Roboso, a local red grape that gives this sparkler its

distinctive color.

The wine is Extra Dry, which means it has a touch of sweetness. But don't let that fool you. This wine has plenty of acidity to balance out any residual sugar, so the effect is nearly bone dry, with just a hint of fruit flavor to bring out the complexity. This is a sparkling wine made for serving with elegant, light dishes such as lobster or scallops. Think a luxurious lunchtime spread of lobster rolls made with homemade mayo or aioli on a homemade split brioche roll, or scallops bathed in truffle butter or seared lightly with a touch of the sparkling wine for just a minute or two, or a lump meat crab salad with watercress and little

slices of blood orange or sliced pears. Soft ripe cheeses and fruit and a

handful of cashews or Brazil nuts are a perfect way to while away an

afternoon. At under $20 a bottle, its not hard to experiment. The

pairings are endless!