Where is the Outrage?

Because our Immigration Policy is outrageously poor, it has caused inhumane problems at our borders. Congress has refused to try to resolve the problem for decades. Also, as we now see, other countries that are experiencing border problems are enforcing their borders.

In our case, we wouldn’t have these problems if the reported hundred of illegal families per day weren’t attempting to enter.

The outrage concerning our borders and these unfortunate people caught in the middle is real. It makes good political fodder.

But why is there little or no outrage about our citizens who are homeless (many of them veterans, or children and families that are forced to live in substandard urban settings? Where is the outrage for our citizens’ children going to bed at night hungry, or not able to go to school or get medical care? Where is the outrage for our senior citizens who can’t make ends meet or go without food, medicine, or HVAC? Where is the outrage for the citizen families with catastrophic health problems? Where is the outrage for the first citizens, the American Indians, and the conditions under which some of them live?

Why don’t we hear outrage for the poor conditions many of our citizens have to tolerate? Maybe the reason is that there isn’t enough political advantage!

Mark Turk