Movie, concerts at Plainfield’s Settler’s Park get new view

Madhu Mayer – news@thetimesweekly.com | 6/6/2018, noon

The next time you are watching a movie or listening to a concert at Plainfield's Settlers' Park, know that the eyes in the sky will be watching you.

The Plainfield Village Board Monday approved spending $15,240 with Umbrella Technologies to upgrade the cameras at Settlers' Park, which is adjacent to Village Hall at 24401 W. Lockport St.

In June 2014, the village implemented security cameras at Settlers' Park, the riverfront area and on Coil Plus Drive. Village Administrator Brian Murphy said these cameras communicate with each other and back to Plainfield Village Hall through a mesh network.

After a recent review of the camera system, Murphy said it was determined that there were some areas in the park that could benefit from a repositioning of

existing cameras, as well as addition of new cameras.

Furthermore, Murphy said staff found that some units required maintenance, such as repurposing the equipment monitoring the band shell area, and adding a

360-degree camera at Settlers' Park to provide greater coverage of the area.

Cameras will also be installed on the roof of Plainfield Village Hall to provide better coverage of the building and monitor the safety of staff and patrons going in and out of the parking lot.

Funding for the project comes from a reimbursement safety grant program, which, according to Murphy, will cover 100 percent of the cost.