Dear Editor, Is anyone else besides me in IL-16 livid with Adam Kinzinger for doing nothing about the children at the border?

6/21/2018, 6 a.m.

Sessions and Trump are separating children, (some younger than 4 years old, some just months old), from their mothers and fathers. They are not even being told for how long.

How can anyone stomach that?

Children, we are told (New York Time June 7 article),cry themselves to sleep every night, and moan all night long. The caregivers are complaining, saying they've never seen anything like this. Some shelter workes are quitting dismayed by the inhumanity. Morning comes, the children wake up, they cry “mama,” “papa,” all day long.

How can anyone stomach that?

Meanwhile, back in Washington D.C., what is our representative Adam Kinzinger doing about it? Answer: . . . Absolutely Nothing. The real question to IL-16 is this: Are you OK with that?

Adam Kinzinger is a GOP foot soldier who does what he is told. IL-16,

are you OK with that?

Deb Legorreta