Solar and wind fees waived

Romeoville makes sustainable energy a priority

Romeoville continues its commitment with the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Greenest Region Compact, to work towards solving environmental sustainability issues of global importance at the local level. As such, changes were made to the Village Ordinances in 2017 for the use of solar panels and wind turbines, as long as a permit was obtained. To encourage even more people to be energy efficient, the village is now waiving the permit fees for these uses.

“Renewable, sustainable energy is the future and we don’t want to dissuade anyone from exploring these sources,” stated Mayor John Noak. “In that vein, we have decided to waive the permit fees at this time.”

There are currently five residential solar panel projects underway in Romeoville and Magid Glove in Romeoville is putting the final changes on the largest solar array in the Midwest. The hope is that will continue to incorporate renewable energy into their projects.

Metra approved for lot expansion

Parking at the Romeoville Metra Station has been in high demand since its opening in February. At the September 5th meeting, the Village Board took action to meet that demand and approved a contract to begin the construction of Phase 2 of the parking lot. The new parking lot will add 160 spaces with room for future growth. Once completed, commuters will notice a new layout to allow for more permit parking.

"We are fortunate to have a great partnership with Metra that allows us to complete this project,” said Mayor John Noak.

Construction will begin this Fall. For information visit the Village of Romeoville website at